Monday, November 01, 2004

What am I doing wrong?

I played in about 10 NLHE SnGs on Party and finished in the money in 2 of them. Bad, Bad, Bad. 6 of them were due to running into AA vs. KK type beats, 2 were tilty plays, and the two I made money were due to people getting knocked out faster then I.

I did go 1,2,1,4,8 in 5 Omaha 8 tourneys which is encouraging. Even the 4th wasn't that bad as I bad beat twice in a row by running cards to give the other guy trips. Again, encouraging that I got my money in when I had the best of it.

UB $1/$2 game has got the biggest spectrum of players that I've ever seen. Total fish, manaics, good tight/aggressive players all at the same table. Making it a very tough place to multi-table. I pulled my money out of there with $75 profit (should have been $125 but I tilted away $50 before leaving). I did acquire 2,100 UB points in two weeks, too bad I don't qualify for Grubby prize vault since I screwed up on signing up and he didn't get credit. If they offer a reload bonus in the future I'll be back, its got some decent games, freerolls, and the UB point tourneys are really really soft. I was 4th in chips with 23 left but since we had a showing on the house I had to leave and ended up 12th. I know I would have made the final table and had a shot at 1st.

Vikes sucks some serious astroturf this weekend. Missing Moss has Dante look like a Kindergardener on his first day of school. Colts failed on their end of my parlay bet grrrrrr, better luck next week I guess.

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