Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Done with SnGs

I've found my leak and its playing in NLHE SnGs. Played in two last night, ran A9s into AA when I had a shortstack. Then ran AJs into KK when someone limp-reraised his cowboys YEEEEEEEEEEEHAW! Sigh. I'm going to put off playing in these things (except the Omaha 8 ones because those I seem to be constantly in the money at) until I've read up more on shorthanded tournament play.

I did however have a decent night at the $1/$2 tables at Party. 8.5 BB at one table and 6 BB at the other. The dollar amounts still get me shaky a little bit, especially when I won a $43 pot when my pocket 8s flopped a set and someone's Ace hit two pair. I could have bet it out for 2 more BB on the river but I got passive and called when he raised on the river when a jack fell. Slowplayed trips when a non-threatening board flopped 7s for me. I got away from KK when two aces came on the flop saving 2 BBs. I think that's my biggest leak is paying people off when I know I'm beat. I did call down KJ with a jack high board and someone turned over AJ. But, there was no flush nor straights and no one raised (hense no sets), I felt it was worth it.

Election day today! My money is on Kerry simply due to the results of the Redskins/Packers game. Well not really but it seems the public just doesn't want Bush back more then they want to vote for Kerry. Sad election when you have to pick the lesser of two evils. Hopefully Kerry will turn out to be more like Clinton. As you can tell I hate politics and have no decent way of describing it.

37 days till I turn 30. Can't wait to hit Black Bear Casino and let loose on the poker tables. I've also decided to take $100 and play 4 hands of $25 blackjack. -EV for sure but I've always wanted to do it.

Edit: Going to start listing my bankroll so I can follow it :P

Party Poker: $1,040
UB: $8 bonus and 2,200 UB points
Stars: Grrrrr $7.50 and 100 FPP
Neteller: $845 (waiting for next bonus opportunity)
Sportsbook: $50

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