Monday, November 15, 2004

PokerNow! Yes, right now!

I'm trying again to clear a bonus under Grubby's flag, hopefully this time it works! After 1,300 raked hands and two bonuses I'm up $300 ($200 from the bonuses). Now onward to 1,700 more hands for the KEM cards and 8,700 for the jacket OMGOOOSES! But, after seeing how fast the raked hands go while playing .50/1 LHE and .50/1 Omaha it will be a clinch to get the remaining hands finished.

The Party skin of PokerNow! is a bit bright but the little icons are pretty cool (I usually try to be the hockey player if he's available). I'm finding that maybe I should stay at the .50/1 limit level for awhile longer. Its much more profitable, I'm comfortable losing a little bit, and I feel more comfortable being aggressive in some pots. Despite my bankroll being large enough to make the jump to $1/$2, I'm just not "feeling right" about playing at the level yet. I know the players are just as bad but why don't I have the same 25BB runs like I do at the .50/1 level. 4 tables this weekend I had 20BB+ wins one was 55BB at an Omaha table (I won at every Omaha table I played at). Plus a nice 23rd in a $1 Stars tourney. Maybe I should switch to playing Omaha? It seems to be the most profitable game for me, I place in the money at most of the tourneys I play in (Multi/SnG) and 8 out of 10 times walk away a winner at the cash games. But the problem is I can't track my stats since Pokertracker doesn't accept Omaha hands (PLEASE UPDATE THIS!).

Today is my yearly exam at the neurologist office. I wait a year for a 15 minute exam, the doctor tells me I still can't drive and I walk out. Maybe in the future I'll be magically cured of all the things wrong with me after my accident at work. But for now, I live with having seizure-like reactions to bright light, weakness in my left limbs, and a balance problem. No sense in giving in to a couple more handicaps though. What fun would that be? I have a son to raise, a wife to love, supporting family to live for, and some fishes at the poker tables to take money from :D

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