Monday, November 29, 2004

Tired wife = poker winnings

If my wife hadn't been tired last night and kicked me out of bed I wouldn't have fired up UB and won back all my losses this weekend. The deck hit me in the face for about 45 minutes on one table. All my big pairs held up, my semi-bluffs worked, hell I even made a flush draw for the first time in god knows how long. The other table I didn't do as well, went up and down for the hour and a half and cashed out even. The UB bonus goes very slow compared to other re-load bonuses even at the $1/$2 level since its based on UB points (average .5 - 1 point per raked hand) which means at bare minimum 1,000 raked hands to clear the bonus. Its nice that they have a frequent player program (which I wish Party would have) but the points come so slowly that its like climbing uphill on a mountain of Crisco. I'll probably be hitting up PokerPlex next since Chris H. has mentioned its monthly rewards for just playing 300 raked hands and the ability to use all the Crypto-skins and receive bonuses from each one. Too bad this ecash PIN number is taking too long to get here so I could redeposit over there.

The OIC still isn't going well, I believe I'm down to my last $24 there. I played for about 4-5 hours over the weekend and still couldn't get anything going (getting Kings cracked 3 times in a row didn't help my spirits).

Back to work from my 5 day, extended weekend. Funny I don't feel as if I took a vacation since we were running from house to house everyday with something new to do. Holidays are like that I guess. We did get most of our shopping done (rather the wife got most of the shopping done), and I finally got what I've been wanting for a while... a 19" LCD monitor. Being able to play 4 different tables and see most of the action is great! Granted I usually play 2 or 3 table at the most (haven't done very well 4 tabling yet), but its nice that the tables do not overlap too much.

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