Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Short night

I still feel like shit from this cold/flu/coughing I've had for the past two weeks MAKE IT GO AWAY!!

But I managed an hour of Partypoker last night playing one table of $1/$2 LHE and some 7 card stud. I think I played 5 hands for an hour of 7 card stud, the cards were that cold. I got three to a flush once, paired my doorcard once, nasty nasty cards.

Same for the LHE table, fold, fold, I played AJo, flopped rags, someone raise and re-raised, muck. I raised up 99 in MP got one caller, flopped Q - J - 4 rainbow, bet, got called, another rag on the turn, I bet, he folded. Exciting, I know. The sad part is the biggest pot I won was a BB special Q7o, when I flopped a OESD, stuck in for one bet, hit the straight but it also put three flush cards on the board, after check-calling it down, I beat out a flopped two pair.

I heard this morning it will be President Bush once again. Sigh. I can't speak in volumes about politics since I don't follow them much. I voted for Kerry per the "anyone but Bush vote". I thought this country needed a change, but it wasn't meant to be. Hilary in 2008?

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