Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Interpoker and Santa!

We're taking the little one out to the Mall of America today for his picture with Santa. He wasn't too thrilled about the one at Wal-Mart so hopefully there's a better reaction this time. Also, I'll be doing a spot of shopping. With the bankroll getting a little bigger I can afford to cash out a little bit and buy some presents I normally wouldn't be able to. Even one for myself, I've been eyeing a 19" LCD monitor for sometime, would be nice to run 3-4 tables and not have them overlap.

I threw my money into Interpoker today, so far very fishy play so some weird suckouts have been happening but a couple of nice wins have kept me above the aquarium. I'm playing $1/$2 6-max games and doing fairly well. I've grown to accept the bigger pots and faster play. The site is pretty but runs slowly and there's no where to check how close I am to redeeming my bonus. Any bonus whores who can help would be greatly appreciated!!

After a week I finally got my money from Pacific after cashing out of there. I know the games are soft, but I hate their interface plus inability to send hands to pokertracker. It wast the first site played on, made some cash there, but I like other interfaces much better. Plus the cashout times are horrid. 7 - 10 days is not good customer service. If they improve the site in the future maybe I'll go back and not any time soon.

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