Monday, October 17, 2005

A Blog is a Blog that's a Blog

What makes a good (poker) blog? By Drizztdj

This is my thoughts and viewpoints on this subject for a contest being run by the PokerStars Blogger Championship Blog. Since the Vikes are just as likely at this point to win the NFC Central (hell... how about a divisional game), then I am to become a top referral to the wonderful freeroll being put on by PokerStars, I thought I'd bang out a few words about what makes poker blogs readable.

I'm not a good example.

But I will outline the two reasons why I read few talented yet humble folks on the internet, who invite us into their lives on a semi-daily basis to discuss the topic of their choice. As you can see from my personal blogroll, my topic of choice is poker.

Most bloggers have a back story on how they came about to this game we study/analyze/bitch about on a nightly basis. And that's the first step in beginning a (poker) blog.

What was your influence?

- Did you watch Moneymaker on ESPN take an online qualifier seat from PokerStars and roll through some of the toughest poker pros in the world on the way to that gold bracelet in the World Series of Poker?

- Did you already have a love for card games like five card stud, euchre, and cribbage while playing with your grandma growing up at the cabin for pennies and saw an ad while online for free poker versus thousands of other players? After seeing the ads you went "hmmmm that looks like fun, I have a couple of bucks from my paper route, maybe I'll end up on TV someday!"

- Are you a gambler who has been looking desperately for a game that "could be beat"?

Every blog you see on the right has a background story about how they came into this game we play/study/analyze/love/hate. Its what makes the blog more real and readable which segues into my next point of what makes a good (poker) blog...

Be yourself.

Everyone has their own personality, keep yours, no one likes cardboard cutouts when the real thing is available.

Its tales of drunken poker mastery or just drunken poker :)

Its people who play for a living.

Its professionals who found a hobby.

Its writers, journalist, and journeymen who weave their thoughts and experiences onto this medium much more eloquently then I. Some even score a gig to do this for a living.

Its talented people expressing their thoughts on poker strategy.

Its answering and debating on the tough questions surrounding both live and online poker.

Its humor and whitty sarcasm that makes you think rather then just read.

Its high stakes and low stakes players detailing their triumphs and defeats.

ok one more if your eyes don't already need that 15th drop of Visine from all the links...

Its tournament specialist, "weird" games specialist, and weird players who add color commentary to the world of poker not found on ESPN or FoxSports channels.

Try a couple of the links above and on the right, you'll see the variety for yourself. Clicking on a poker blog is like Christmas morning while still in your one piece zip-up Transformers PJs. You'll see big presents, small ones, ones that outline a hockey stick, and ones that feel like socks. But they're all different and new, because even the socks feel good to receive despite wanting that Voltron five piece all die-casted metal set instead.

Ok, I've linked out my little heart this morning now you can journey into the world of poker blogs or any blog for that matter. If you want to start your own blog, write about what interests you and how it runs parallel to your life. People do read these things, even mine, despite having English skills of a toddler that's just learning the word "no".

Thanks for dropping by, now if you have a blog and haven't signed up for the PokerStars Blogger Championship what are you waiting for... Christmas?

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