Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Euphoric Kick To The Junk

A short post today due to my not wanting to break a two-week promise to a certain Princess.

I had quite the roller-coaster of emotions yesterday. While at work I receive a very pleasant mid-year review. Its always nice to hear positive things about your time in the cubical jungle.

Then my sister emailed me later on about the result of the bowling tourney I participated in on Saturday since she finished 4th in the women's division. Yes, brother and sister both finished as the best loser (most improved average) of the same league... wheeeeeeeeeeee. Anyhow, I guess I should have stuck around for the awards ceremony because I finished tied for 3rd out of ~80 bowlers!! I didn't think my score was even close for a cash, but cash I get! Its not "you can buy-in to the 10/25 NL game now" type of cash, but it will sedate my bonus penny slots fetish at Grand Casino in Hinckley next week for an hour. Also, I get a freeroll in the Twin Cities Bowling Challenge next Saturday at Earl Brown Bowl for even more cash.

Me > Pete Weber

Free cash is always +EV

However 2nd best hands and the San Diego Super Chargers are not (Field goals suck ass m'kay?).

I caught a couple of nasty second bests last night while playing a quick hour session before heading to bed. I got caught with hands that were very difficult to release and paid the price. But, I've been surprisingly calm about losing hands lately. Maybe the princess knows what she's talking about...

Naw. What do chicks know about playing a man's game like poker?

Did that wake you up? Good, I'm trying to make a joke on the internet. It always works of course.


Since I'm in Ozzy Osborne mode here for original content this morning, so I'm going to suggest a few posts I've read recently! SHARON!

Here's a blog I was forwarded to by a friend. Its about a charity dinner cooked up by two guys for the benefit of a hospice. Be sure to check out the sexy guy in the WPBT apron in the second pic. Also note that there are enough vowels used to choke Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie for a year.

Doc does it again with his lastest Tao of Risk post. No European prostitues who squirt are in this gem of discussing the art of taking calculated risk at the poker table. On a weird side tangent, it ponders the question... who would be the best poker playing movie/TV character? My vote goes out to Michael Corleone. Calls his brother's bluff, not afraid to smack down his brother-in-law, instills fear and respect in people around him by just being in the room.

Would you call him with the 3rd nuts to risk sleeping with the fishes?

Here's 2+2's lineup of threads to bitch/applaud/mourn the decision of Party to disband the Empire/Eurobet/Multipoker skins from its network. As found on Bill Rini's PokerFilter. My take on the mess? I don't play much at Party because its customer service is non-existant, the software has been actually DOWNGRADED with the addition of blackjack and some weird "side prop bet". I've stated once, when I pull up poker tables, I want to play poker. If I want to play some -EV games I'll pull up Lucky Nugget or Royal Vegas casino.

Wearing sunglass to the table is Beck's latest post about live play in AC. There's a very fine line between "I'm a serious player" and "I'm a WPT fanboi". Can you pull off the sunglasses look without looking like Screech trying to ask out Lisa Tuttle?

Our favorite blogging dealer Linda has several posts about her experiences dealing the WPT UltimateBet event in Aruba. And a certain hammer icon wielding blogger steps out from behind the monitor into the live arena again only to receive a kick to the lower regions, a hangover, and an experience to savor. Well played DoubleAs!

If Bobby Bracelet doesn't make you spray your morning triple iced mocha all over your monitor, there's something wrong with you. And if you have 36DDs to go with your Gabby Reece legs he might even acknowledge your existence.

JoeSpeaker comes out a better man from childhood roller-rink love experience. It may not be about poker, but I definitely saw my ex-marine dad in a different light after reading it. Inspiring prosaic post once again from the Beckham of poker bloggers.

PokerProf knocks one out of the park with a recent post about retaining online players to sites and customer service. As a player who plays on many different sites, I would love to limit my play to one or two sites if the right rakeback/bonuses/comps were offered.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven't signed up for the PokerStars freeroll listed above, you are in the words of the blogfather "profoundly retarded". But please don't take my iPod I'm shooting for!!!

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