Monday, October 17, 2005

Fire Mike Tice

I had a post all ready about a really fun pokery weekend, including a wild blogger game at Full "servers are working fine according to Hank" Tilt.

But that got ruined at about 1:15pm CST on Fox.

Go see these fine blogs to catch a recap or two, or maybe just because I sucked out on them and I'm probably in the doghouse.

TEXANS SUCK! (actually they rule for completing my three team parlay bet thus wiping out all losses this weekend)
The lovely MrsCantHang
Doubleas (so close in that double shootout man, nice job, I know you'll get that ticket!!)

And remember.... Drizz = Rock


If the Gopher game's ending wasn't enough to kill the football spirit in this state, Mike Tice sent the bones through a grinder and into the incinerator.

You've said "blame starts at the top", time to own up for it. Sorry Mike, you're a likable guy and a hell of a character, but you're not a NFL head coach.

Sorry for the short post today, I love my Minnesota football and those two efforts really kicked me in the creative junk this weekend.

Thanks for dropping by, now head over here if you'd like to feel REALLY old and get your ass kicked by a seven year old in a video game. How soon before we can expect this kid to get sick of fraging people and own up the $1000 NLHE PartyPoker games?

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