Saturday, October 29, 2005

Is There Anything Better On a Saturday Morning...

Then playing PLO8 with Daddy?

YouzaViper: drizz, you got another on the way?
Drizztdj: hmmmm would be nice not to wait in the room for 30 mins to be told it will another 30 mins
danger_russ: were 8.5 months along so I don't want to hear about knobs and other things.
Dealer: SHUNK, it's your turn.
You have 15 seconds to act
danger_russ: don't even know what they are anymore
owlB urQueen: lol
Drizztdj: yeah, she's filling out her bras finally
YouzaViper: hey russ, stick a cork in it, dingle.
danger_russ: what can't handle someone else talking
YouzaViper: no.
YouzaViper: shut up.
danger_russ: boo hoo
YouzaViper: shut the hell up.
YouzaViper: knob.
Dealer: Game #2921392181: danger_russ wins pot ($7.65)
danger_russ: will u love me
YouzaViper: do you have any crisco?
YouzaViper: butter flavor crisco and a tub of lard.
Drizztdj: oh no, don't go down this road
danger_russ: lard that is how i thought u like your women
JustinTexas: lol
Drizztdj: or that one
JustinTexas: is that all ya got russ?
YouzaViper: more cushion for the pushin.
Dealer: YouzaViper has a straight, Deuce to Six
Dealer: YouzaViper has 6,5,3,2,A for Lo
JustinTexas: the bigger the waist band the deeper the quicksand.....
Dealer: Game #2921399812: YouzaViper wins Hi pot ($7.40) with a straight, Deuce to SixDealer: Game #2921399812: YouzaViper wins Lo pot ($7.35) with 6,5,3,2,A
YouzaViper: Scoop Doggy Dogg.

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