Sunday, October 23, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 7 NFL Picks

Shorten, 2 minute, no-huddle post since I'm attending my nephew's 1st birthday party prior to today huge Poker Blogger freeroll put on by PokerStars

2 team parlays

Lions +2.5, Seachickens -3
Vikes/GB over 46, Colts/DavidCarrSucks over 44 (this will only win if Indy wins by 50)

4 team parlays

Rams -3.5, Bungles -1, Seachickens -5 (this line moved big time), Ravens +1
Vikes +1.5, Colts -16.5, Browns -3, Broncos +2

Ugh, I hate being hurried, but its neccessary for marital bliss. Peace and good luck!

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