Saturday, October 22, 2005

Neither Here or There

The Grand Casino Hinckley trip was a success in showing my parents a good time, just wish the wallet didn't take a hit.

Poker - one 3/6 limit hold em table running *shudder* with the local rocks and an occasional ESPN WSOP viewer filing in to give away $60 a time when they caught middle pair and ran into a rock's set or overpair. Uneventful for the most part, except one rock managed to call four bets cold with JTs vs. my AA and another guy's KK. Story to be completed by scribbing one of those invisible ink pens over this page. +$22

Blackjack - saw a woman betting $50 a hand at a $5 table who thought Halloween started on Oct. 20th. She had more open scars and bruises than David Carr after playing the Colts. My table brought the fun back into blackjack as my luck has usually alluded me in this silly game. Girl needed money for a doubled down, being the knight in shining armor I flipped over a redbird and promptly won the bet earning a lusty smile. "Look at the menu but can't order" I think is the saying, so I looked at the plentiful rack being displayed while she sat on a corner seat. Also earned $4.32 in comps just in case I ever want a grilled cheese from the snack bar. +$29.32

Slots - I won, I lost, I let my degenerate gambling mother keep me in penny slot hell too long. Like having to drive home from your local neon moon bar... penny slots have a slogan.

"Know when, to say when" -$100.00

Buffet - Yum-e. I ate too much, and was surprised by the quality tonight. The crab ragoon was soft, the fried chicken juicy, and skin-on mashed taters were whipped just right. +8,356 calories

Long day today, grabbing a pumpkin for Little Drizz at the local fire station, then the bowling tourney, then a touring nature walk. Should be a fun, domestic day except for the chance encounter of women with names burned into the necks at the bowling alley. Wish me luck!

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