Sunday, October 16, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 6 NFL Picks

Fresh off a night of sucking out more then Jenna Jamison at a stag party. I'm here once again to offer my losing NFL picks. Hey if I can win with the hammer three times in one session, the Vikes can actually cover, right?


Too busy nailing the local call girls to run post patterns? At least there will be an endless supply of Gatorade on the sidelines to replenish their lost fluids and probable hangovers from their Hedonism V boat tour.

I'm still miffed the Vikes would even think about pulling shit like this with their season crumbling before their eyes. Grow up guys.

Without further ado... my PICKS OF THE WEEK!! (remember opposites attract the money)


Jets and Bills OVER 33 - I know both offenses remind you of that flag football game you played during halftime of the family Thanksgiving dinner. But 33 points when both teams are struggling shouldn't be too far fetched

Parlay MADNESS!!

NYG +3, SD -2.5, Seachickens -9
NYG +3, Lions +1, Atl -6, Steelers -3.5, and SD -2.5

Lottery picks here but the strong games I feel are the Superchargers and NYG's Eli Manning finally finding his NFL footing. Plus for $5 and a chance to win $100 can't be horrible, right? Since people from Powerball are not beating down my door this morning with a $300 million dollar check, I'm forced to win money on a lesser scale.

7.5 point teaser bet
Atl +1.5, Vikes +10.5, Browns +13.5, and Colts -6

I haven't won one of these bets this year, am I due? Does AA EVER come up vs. KK pre-flop? Ok, that was mean. :)

Enjoy your NFL Sunday!! I know I will... at least till the Vikes game starts.

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