Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random Thursday Post

I was frisky this morning and hit the "random blog" button. Usually you get some spam blog but not today!

I don't know what the fuck she's talking about or the need for more pop ups then your basic porn site (not that I EVER visit those). But the author seems intent on being a model student despite her AOL-teen speak writing style.

Ok, that was lame. But it was neat to get an actual blog for once, rather then a shell for selling Viagra or the Suck n' Cut hair styling system.


Poker? I was just planing on being a railbird last night because the effects of four hours of sleep a night are finally catching up to me. In Vegas, I can stay awake no problem, just get me a McGriddle, a Cap'n Coke, and a loose $2/$4 table or some extreme Keno and I'm ready to go! At home, excitement is kept to burning a grilled cheese sandwich or finding some food that Little Drizz hid under a couch a few months ago.

But, while sweating BadBlood at a Razz table on Full Tilt, I decided to hit up a PLO tournament that was starting out in five minutes. Played two hands, caught a nut straight-redraw to a flush on the flop, called by a set, you know the rest. But, after the tournament I get a message "you cleared $15 of your bonus!", so I actually made four dollars by losing. What a site!

The domed muscle man then suggested hitting up Party's Bad Beat Jackpot tables with their gignormous $450K jackpot at the moment. I had less then a buy-in but it was money I'd receive from a referral so... why not? 40 hands played, AA, QQ, AQs, AK all held up to double up my short $75 buy-in and if a flush draw would have hit, I would have tripled my buy-in as the fish overplayed any paint even if it missed the flop. The problem with these tables is variance. Even though its limit, generally the variance is higher then even PLO or a regular stud game due to the amount of people involved in each hand. Four out of Five PartyPoker shills agree, if you can ride the waves of Bad Beat Jackpot tables expect a decent windfall.

I ended the short night playing an SnG, a little NLHE ring game, some PLO8 with Maigrey and GCox, and sweating AJ in a tournament at Stars.

SnG - I watch in amazement as someone received KK, QQ, QQ, AKs, and KK in five hands. Must be rough.

NLHE - Made $.55 at a $100 table after an hour. Rawr? I should have snagged a stack with a rope-a-dope from an over aggressive idiot who raised my blinds every orbit, but I re-raised with KK and he mucked for the first time. Doh!

PLO8 - Uneventful except to listening to Maigrey whine about hating my favorite game, and she even won last night! Me? I was down two double cheeseburgers from McDonald's. I'm vowing for revenge on the penny tables tonight.

The Naked Armani Model was aggressively checking down hands at the nightly $22 NLHE tourney so we had time to discuss paying off a wager on the Twinkies having a better record then the As. Another wonderful job of sports handicaping by yours truly. Hopefully the hotel employees don't drink winnings before I get the package.


The volleyball match went on without incident yesterday.

For me at least. My wife's assistant coach got a visit from a parent who forgot to take her midol in the afternoon. A little background... there's an "A" squad and a "B" squad, generally girls are moved up and down between the two squads if it is warranted by someone not showing the same talent they did in tryouts or disciplinary actions.

One girl got moved down due to a mix of school detentions and bumping the ball like Mr. Magoo. She played her first game with the "B" squad yesterday and true to whiny form, didn't try at all, pouted like Little Drizz not getting to watch Thomas the Tank Engine: New Friends for Thomas, and sulked off the court during the game. Yeah, sure fire way to impress the coaches kid. Anyhow, the den mother didn't like her poor cub being hurt and unleashed the fury DURING THE FUCKIN GAME WITH ALL THE PLAYERS ON THE BENCH LISTENING.

Word of advice to noted crazy parent: Grow up, it might teach your daughter to do the same. And secondly I was very close to making her the center of attention to the entire crowd by stopping the game until she finished her Bob Knight sidelines tirade.

End rant and good riddance.


A quick pokery question: Rakeback: I got a couple of offers at 2+2 the other day, anyone else do this? Is it worth it for a part-time, borderline retarded player like myself? They actually mention sites that I haven't signed for that are skins for UB and Prima.


Vikings (thanks DP for finding this before it came out in the StarTrib yesterday)

Sigh. First off what did the yacht owners think was going to happen with all those ladies accompaning a bunch of professional athletes? Talk about Marxism and its failings? Perhaps rousing game of Scattergories? The details are probably blown out of proportion. BUT... (and apparently there were many butts) nothing would have been in the paper IF the drunken horn-balls wouldn't have tried to hit on the fuckin staff of the boat! Smooth move kids. You're not in college, you get paid $XX millions of dollars to play a game AND try to maintain a good image. Yes, its part of being an entertainer. Going to a strip club? No problem, not newsworthy, unless of course you grope the bartender and throw her in the back of your Bentley. Is it really that tough to remain under radar enough to have fun without ending up on the front page?

I'll always be a Vikes fan, but can't help but feel a little embarrassed by this.

Thanks for dropping by, now check out a couple of Vikes denying the lewdness. I still think things were overstated, but involving the boat's staff in the party and pissing on someone's lawn WHILE SHE'S TELLING THEM TO STOP is simply showing the total disregard some pro athletes have for anyone outside of their "circle".

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