Monday, October 31, 2005


"Hey Brett, any chance you guys could come back and play at the Metrodome a few more times this year so I can keep my job?"

There was a glimmer of hope when the Vikes marched down the field for a quick touchdown starting the 3rd quarter. Of course the lemmings at Fox immediately segue to last week’s come back vs. the Brett Farve’s (the rest of the team doesn’t really matter until he announces he retirement in January).

I knew better.

Brad Johnson 2005 is not Brad Johnson pre-Tampa Bay, and definitely no Daunte (yes, I still have faith in him).

I “watched” the remainder of the game on along with my friend Burnsie with their play by play updates on all the games since I was homebound due to a birthday party being thrown at my place for my wife’s grandmother. Following fantasy football online seemed more exciting then watching Steve Smith make Fred Smoot look like a high school freshman who finally got to second base and is confused about what do to next.

Smoot… a word in private please.

If a receiver you’re jawing out burns you for 200+ yards its time to concentrate more on tackling and less on the yo’ mama jokes. I’m sure you’ll have a better game vs. one of the gimpy Lions receivers next week.

It was an up and down weekend for poker as I moved up to play $1/$2 PLO8 almost entirely. The swings are much bigger and when draws don’t hit, and it cost more to reload.


Unfortunately, I had looked at the $$ in a hand where the odds dictated I call/raise and I folded the winning hand (hindsight is 20/20 of course). But, I have no explanation for this sudden mental block because on a different site I had no problem calling off half my stack on a similar draw.

Anyone else have this happen? Play ultra-tight at UB for no known reason, but switch to Full Tilt and let the chips fly like you’re channeling your inner Layne Flack? I’m not talking about playing tight in a loose game, or playing loose in a tight game. My concern is altering your play just based on the interface or past results of the online card room.

Does winning a stack in a cash game or recent tournament success at one site loosen your play at that site? But if you play somewhere else that you’ve lost two buy-ins recently your play is drastically tighter?

Why should it?

It’s the same random number generator, just a different interface. For those players who play at multiple sites this is definitely something you should be watching and catching yourself on. It could cost you some cash, or another chance to bust a pro grrrrrrrrrrr, I’ll get you next time Ms. Gazes!


Tonight is a Halloween, and Little Drizz has been reminding us to go trickortreat (all one word). He will not be going as a Viking player on the love boat, as him and I did to my sister’s party over the weekend. Tonight he becomes a creature of the night, a vampire! Hopefully he’ll forgive us for the face paint and cute costume when he grows up, as I hate Halloween with a passion for the reason that my parents felt obligated to put make-up on me despite my pleas that I did not enjoy it. Only wrapping a Christmas gift or trying to figure out how licks it takes to get to the center of a Toosie roll pop gives me more fits.

Congrats to G-Rob on his win and Daddy’s bridesmaid finish at the most recent WWdN (in exile) tourney!

Thanks for dropping by, now go give April a big hug. Her Texans broke their win column cherry finally, despite trying to lose so I could make a few bucks on my parlay bets this weekend.

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