Saturday, October 08, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 5 NFL Picks

Drizz adventures into college football a little bit today...

16 point - 4 team teaser! Madness!

Okie +30.5, Arizona +54.5, Marshall +51, Penn State +20

If I lose that bet I'm going to cry.

Single Team Bets

Gophers +8, Browns -3

Any game vs. the NFC North has to be a lock... maybe

Three team 6 point teaser

Ravens +10, Colts -7, Redskins +15.5

Think the defenses of the Ravens and Skins can keep the score close? Probably not.

Three team parlay

Packers -3, Dolphins +3, Texans -3

If there was ever a pick to go Constanza on.... here it is.


Over 46.5 SF/Colts

Payton throws for 4 TDs and Alex Smith somehow figures out a way to get 3 TDs in his first NFL start

Ok, so remember... if you want a lock, go bizzaro with these picks. Now I'm off to play in a bowling tournament despite my lackluster 173 average. Hope there's drink specials.

A special thanks to CJ... without that spur of the moment $55 tourney last night, I'd still be wallowing in this self-pity-I-hate-poker pool. It felt refreshing to take a shot, and thanks to some wonderful weak-tight players at the PLO8 tables I made the money back!

Two tournies + two cash games + three hours = $2.84 profit

Hot damn! I'm gonna go git me a biscuit and gravy special at Hardees! Or at least a Cap'n Coke at the bowling alley today.

Thanks for dropping by, now take your shot this weekend!!! But don't listen to Bobby Bracelet's advice while playing... :P I kid. I kid.

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