Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogger Ate My Post.... again

I had a post about relaxing and enjoying life at whatever level you are at (poker and financially) and all that jazz but Blogger decided to deal me Kings vs. Aces this morning.

Not happy.

I was relaxed this morning, but now I'll just sigh and thank the blogging gods for erasing my post once again.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try to whip it up again when Blogger isn't acting like a toddler that you've told five times to stop using your desk as a big art canvas.

I blog with a steam of unconsciousness and doubt if I can remember half of what I wrote. I know there was Dr. Bruce Banner, mashed potatoes, and playing Pot Limit Omaha involved. You are all creative, just fill in the blanks mad libs style.


Let's see... I'll be ref'ing the final tournament for the 8th grade volleyball team today. So, instead of two or three parents from the opposing schools showing up, there will be entire bleachers filled with pseudo-soccer moms/dads from other schools. Lucky for me that I'm hearing impaired and they're seated behind me. Yes, being handi-capable does have its quirky perks once in a while.

Oh... this is a good time to remind people in Vegas, if my back is turned to you and you start talking to me, just tap me on the shoulder if I don't take the hint that you're expelling some english words for conversation. I'm not being rude, just deaf-dumb-and-blind :)


If you haven't been reading about the Heads Up Challenge between 16 different bloggers, well get with the program people!

Its a great way to play and meet other bloggers before many of us travel to Vegas in December. Think I could mention the December trip a couple of more times? Think I'm anxious to go? Is water wet? Does Al drink SoCo? Can the Houston Astros possibly choke more?

I met my first round match last night on UB. MtDewVirus has been around longer then I, and definitely more successful but I managed to steal some blinds and catch better hands when they counted. I think the two matches I won came down to hitting a higher flush and a straight vs. his two pair. Being a full ring player, shorthanded play makes my balls seek shelter like they're being forced to watch a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation on Lifetime.

On to the Elite Eight where my next match will be Donkeypuncher or GCox. I'll need a Villanova vs. Georgetown type upset to get me into the next round but if Rollie I can win, I can too!

Unfortunately I did not share the same success in the PLO tournament on Stars with Maigrey, Grob, CJ, and last longest winner on_THG. Ran my top set with a redraw to a flush into a wrap straight draw (yes, I was a favorite) but when the straight hit and no pretty flush cards came I was done.

Thanks for dropping by, here's a cool desktop calendar/clock courtesy of my friends from DAoC

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