Sunday, October 30, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 8 NFL Picks

This is "American Fries Delight", found at a local cafe in Crystal, Minnesota called DW's.

If your arteries are suddenly feeling a tad strained just by look at this no-amount-of-Lipitor-would-save-me-after-eating-it breakfast.

Your not alone but damn its soooooooooooo good if you like a hearty breakfast.

Thanks to the State triplets of Florida, Penn, and Michigan hitting my teaser bet yesterday we're freerolling today!!

2 teams parlay bets

Raiders +2, Browns +2 (betting against the Texans is like asking a poker blogger if he/she wants to go to Vegas)

Minn/Car over 44.5, Chi-town/Lions under 32.5 (anyone else think that both teams will end up with single digit scores?)

Redskins +2, Bungles -9.5 (Bungles, Bungles, Bungles!!)

Three team parlay

Bungles -10, Lions -3, Raiders -1.5 (Lions seem to screw over my parlay bets, but I'm a forgiving guy, don't fuck up Harrington!!)

Today in my wife's grandmother's 80th b-day and we're having a little party at our little abode. Any guesses on how long we wait till switch over to the AFC game of the week?

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