Sunday, October 30, 2005

Can Drizz Not Suck?

20th and 25th in the last two $20+$2 180 person SnGs on Stars....

Currently your position is 2nd of 25.

And let us pray....

1:12am - Fine Young Cannibals is driving me crazy and just drilled myself up the ass going heads up with the chip leader nice work Drizz!

1:16am - Your position is please fuck yourself, god I'm going to be ill

1:18am - Steal attempt, was in the lead, lost, I hate myself

1:19am - your position is 22nd out of 24th

1:21am - got the blinds and a limper pushing with KJ

1:23am - folded 66 to a raise, he had aces, still kicking myself for blowing my stack on defending my blinds, why did I need to get aggressive vs. the one person who could dent me?

1:26am - Blinds at 300/600 ante 50 I only have 5BBs left, gotta catch something

1:27am - 54o thanks Mr. Random Number Generator

1:32am - AKo beats Q8s and we're solvent

1:33am - AKo beats A9o and we're giving oral to Mr. Random Number Generator

1:35am - Your position is 14th out of 16, but I have 10BBs now which doesn't suck

1:36am - 84o is good enough to pick off a limper and the blinds on a 9 9 4 flop

1:38am - Presto? Sorry, not interested with two raises in front

1:40am - The new chip leader has a spanish following, muy muy muy annoying

1:42am - AKo you visit me again? Bless you my son, and take the blinds on your way out

1:43am - Limit O8 isn't very fun at Pacific, dry site with a dry game and a dry Drizz doesn't equal profits

1:47am - Run 7s into aces when I raise pre-flop and get called by a shortstack, go Drizz go! So much for staying aggressive. Good play, bad play with 10K at blinds of 600/1200? No wussing out me thinks

1:50am - 44 all in vs A3s annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it HOLDS UP!

1:52am - Dirty Laundry by Don Henley pipes on I think I could use those big slicks right now

1:54am - Your position is 13 out of 13

1:55am - Just 3/4th someone at LO8, its not as exciting in limit to quarter someone, nor as profitable

1:57am - 3rd AA vs. KK on this table in 20 hands ouch someone needs to stock this table with some Astroglide

1:58am - all in AT vs 77.......... say good night gracie in 11th, one of these days I'll learn how to win those coin flips

1:59am - $21.20 profit, should have been more if it wasn't for that colossial brain fart mangling with the blinds with the other big stack, reminder to check with Joanne for some advice on this

1:01am - HA Fall back Spring forward everyone! I'm beat, night night

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