Friday, October 14, 2005

Live Tournament Post!

I'm drunk and playing four tournies today thanks to the beautiful JOanne. Let us begin.

$11 Rebuy, $2 NLHE, $1 NLHE, $11 LO8

9:36 pm - $11 Rebuy - got called down with trip 9s, and wished I had an more double cheeseburgers from McDonalds

9:39 pm - $1 NLHE Caught two pair with A2sOOOOOOOOted win big pot because I rule.

9:42 pm - wondering why the hell I signed up for all these tournies while smached.

9:48 pm- Out in rebuy due to back to back flush chasing fuckers hitting on the river

10:04pm - Started a BBJ table at Party, hating myself for doing it

10:08pm - chat on yahoo plus three games going is frying my brain, secretly hoping for death soon

10:23pm - Pocket Queens hold up vs. Pocket Jacks, not sure why but I'll take it

10:24pm - Helixx gets some music going, this is gonna be a long night

10:41pm - cracking an ice cold macro brew, taste like shit compared to Cap'n Coke but its cold and wet

10:42pm - Flopped boat with J9o got minimal action, thanks.

11:10pm - BG predicts USC by 10 at Sound Bend tomorrow, hit up 2nd mortgage and bet on

11:11pm - Wondering why I'm still in three tournies but go back to my beer for more insight

11:27pm - chat continues during the second break to discuss the finer points of Joannie and Chachi's courtship

11:28pm - busted in LO8 tourney with AA37 ds, flop the nut flush draw and a set.... someone gets a J high runner runner straight, god fuckin bless his/her heart

11:29pm - push with 66 thinking of the Spaceman, win the blinds and stay alive in the $2 tourney, $1 I'm above par still after busting someone with AQ

11:38pm - TT no gOOt, with three overs, I back off the chip leader's big bet, wuss? Mayhaps but I enjoy cashing because it makes me tingle between my legs

11:52pm - still in both tournies but getting blinded out on one of them, need some lovin like a catholic school girl here

11:53pm - J5o? Fuck you sir!

11:54pm - 65s? Not with two all-ins thankyouverymuch

11:56pm - CASHOOOOOOOOOOOOLA gimme some McNuggets baby!! Still hanging on in the other tourney

12:01am - Hand for Hand in the tourney that I'm EXTREMELY short in.... MONEY MONEY!!!!!! UP THAT TO A 10 PIECE NUGGET HONEY!

12:03am - Finally get Aces in the BB of the short stacked tourney they hold up vs. 77, the poker gods have taken mercy on me

12:05am - In the $2 get JJ, re-raise all in and snag a couple of limpers and blinds

12:09am - Found sailboats with my short stack..... coin flip... lost of course to KJ why does the poker god continue to smite me?

12:14am - and of course.... big stack runs 99 into ANOTHER LOSING FUCKIN COIN FLIP, god I hate this game sometimes

Thus endeth zee post. Enjoy your weekend.

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