Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dope Man Dope Man

Rap is the word this morning. N.W.A., Dre, Eazy-E, and some Ice Cube. Word.

I wish I had yet another exciting night of emu poker to report but I fell asleep during the WPT re-broadcast of the PartyPoker Millions. Not that limit tourneys are not exciting, something about getting 3 hours of sleep the night before and working 13 hours yesterday had to do with it.

Not whining, just stating a fact.

Tonight, my 1.5 liter bottle of Cap'n Morgan will be placed next to the computer monitor for minor consumption of alcohol. I plan on a long session of poker-y goodness and perhaps even reading the name tags of the games I'm playing before pissing away a stack. But if I start talking about playing pai-gow poker please BUZZ! me on Yahoo IM (hrking275). My last drunken adventure into that game didn't turn out too well.

Does anyone still watch hockey? Yes? One shutout in the NHL last night? A Lemaire coached Wild's team actually score six goals in a week, let alone one game? Rules changes? More question marks in this paragraph then on The Riddler? Could the NHL make a comeback with a higher scoring game? No more gay two line pass rule? Excellent.

I'd been turned off to hockey on TV for a while unless it was the Gophers or the state high school tourney. But watching the second period of the Wild's game last night piqued my interest. Minnesotans are treated to one of, if not the best hockey arena in the US, but the lack-luster Wild are/were boring to watch on TV. Watching the game at the Xcel is made even better when your brother snags a couple of all-access press passes. Yes, even the locker rooms ladies and no I didn't go check to see if any of the players go commando.

Dope man dope man gimme a hit, dope man says...

Wife brought me a mailing from Grand Casino Hinckley with a reduced rate hotel room for three weeks from now. Normally its to put in the trash, along with the coupons for dog grooming and aluminum siding. "Make reservations for Oct. 20th". Wha?!?!!? What's the catch? As pure, unadulterated gifts of my gambling soul come with some kind of clause. No catch, just hot tubs, cold calling three bets with sOOted cards, and progressive bonus penny slots! Now I wish I hadn't donked off that stack last night or it would be comfortable to withdraw a little bit more to play some blackjack also for comp reasons (since they don't comp poker nor three-card poker players, WTF BS!). Its my only gripe about playing there because the dealers are friendly, competent, and helpful to the people who bring $40 to the table and lose it within three hands of $2-$4. "Yes sir, that pair of deuces was an excellent hand to play unimproved with four people capping the turn, would you like more chips?".

Juice that fool 4 has much as u can

Any live poker is a treat for moi, yes even those no-brained pub tournies. Those are more for a "guy's night out" though. Tucking in Little Drizz and reading him Thomas and the Dragon for the third time in one night is fun and I wouldn't miss it for the world. But as stated in previous posts, everyone needs that one or two nights to do things that break the monotony of daily routine. What's the sense of earning that paycheck if all you're going to do with life is get up, work in some cube surrounded by pictures, eat some McNuggets, down a few shots/beers, stare at a TV or computer monitor for five hours, and sleep? Break the routine every day if necessary, even its an inane thing like turning on a faucet all day with your left hand instead of your right. Yesterday I pumped water out of a overflowing drain tile hole. Yeah hauling that water-filled shop vac to dump outside several times was a bitch, but at least it was doing something other then watching TV all night.

Not to mention it worked out the pipes to help take down BadBlood in an arm wrestling match December. I've been watching Over The Top and viewing plenty of inspirational videos on the internet. Better start doubling up on the cement mix protein shakes, you're going down!

** Author's disclaimer**

The above paragraph was written with dripping sarcasm, take it as such before leaving me limbless. Thanks.

My point is... don't be afraid to play/do/listen to something different and I guarantee you'll wake up each day a little easier and your poker game will thank you. Poker will be become more fun playing different games on occasion, instead of a infinite looping of suckout-suckingout-winning-losing. Hit up that .05/.10 Crazy Pineapple game on UB or 2-7 Triple Draw on GamesGrid. Or for me it would be playing limit hold em' *shudder*.

Man I'm all over the place today, must mean I'm in a good mood. Beware fishies... tonight, I'm bringing my D game.

Thanks for dropping by, now don't forget to tip your waitress and steal some mints and toothpicks on your way out.

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