Monday, October 24, 2005

Fire Mike Ti... Oh Wait They Won

I guess I should be an elated Vikes fan this morning after the way they played 30 minutes of football. Too bad the NFL requires 60 minutes in a regulation football game, more if your kicker doesn't fill the ball with helium and knock a 56 yard winning field goal.

"I spoke negatively in the locker room for the first time in two years" - Coach Tice

This was referring to the Vikes first half blunders of fumbles and missed opportunities that have marred what was supposed to be a playoff/super bowl type season. Farve looked like the Super Bowl days of Sterling Sharpe, Desmond Howard, and Reggie White on D in the first half, shredding our defense like it was an away game on grass.

Not so in the second half.

I don't know what was screamed in the Purple's locker room, but it certainly got people worked up and they managed to make Farve look sad on the sidelines as he watched helplessly to the balloon kick that started somewhere in Canada and split the uprights for the win.

A sad Farve makes every Viking's fan heart warm with glee. Good luck next week guys. And Tice... more negative talk, less nice guy approach when the game is going on.


I wish I had a story about running deep into the PokerStars Blogger Championship. I wish I had won the iPod Nano like a certain Professional Poker Player and a huge junk wielding, bluff-call busting, bracelet winner.

It wasn't my day.

There was a fresh Cap'n Coke on my desktop, some pretzel rods from Old Dutch, and the Bangle's singing Hazy Shade of Winter on iTunes. Ready for battle against 1471 bloggers.

I finished 1400 and almost edged out -EV for the Gigli prize.

I ran my flopped set into someone's TPTK and got all the money in the middle... then he turned a flush draw, and hit the flush on the river. Railbirding me in a tourney is like watching the virgin having sex in a horror movie. Its not a question that they'll die, its question of how gruesome Jason, Freddy, or Michael will dispose of the corpse.

Is this a sign of a good player? Bad beat whines? Am I destined to a life of Phil Hellmouth's type tirades? Lucky for me that I enjoy cash games more and leave tournies for those who have the patience to lose their buy-in after three hours with nothing to show for it.

At least a stiff drink plus someone stacking off in a cash game vs. your top boat winning you an iPod makes up for it. Kinda. Not really. But it helps the Vegas fund at least.

Sadly Little Drizz is battling the flu/cold and that put a damper on an otherwise awesome event. Thanks again to Ryan, Otis, and PokerStars for making this happen. Too cool for any words in my limited vocabulary.

Anyone have an update on Bobby's friend, the bluff-calling manaic Richie? I hope he found a Lifetime mini-series, a pint of Chunky Monkey and a bottle of Valium. I've never seen someone go off after LOSING WITH THE WORST HAND WRITING ALL IN CAPS FOR THE NEXT HOUR. Of course that opened the floodgate for some interesting quips because what's a blogger tourney without smack talk?

Pauly had the best bust out one liner when The Fat Guy met his demise in the tourney. "TFG just busted out and you can hear a collective sigh over Texas". Gold.

After sitting with the sick little one for a little bit, I came back down to hop into a blogger cash game with a couple of bloggers from across the pond (Pinky and Div forward me your URLs so I can link ya up). Pure LAG-fest of course while other bloggers poured in. Keeping poker fresh one hammer at a time. Thanks guys :)

Has anyone mentioned that the WPBT Imperial Palace tourney can't get here soon enough? No? Maybe Superman can spin the earth forward instead of backwards this time.

Thanks for dropping by now go check out the tourney recaps by clicking on any link on the right. Tomorrow... Drizz makes a split, and shills for a poker site he doesn't even like.

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